About Us
85% of the marriages in India are being finalized by Matrimonial Agents.
A Matrimonial Agent has an average of 30 profiles and is connected with 6 other Matrimonial Agents.
Registering your profile with a Matrimonial Agent normally allows your profile to be matched with about 180 profiles only. Your best match might be registered with another agent in your own city and it might not reach you because that Matrimonial Agent is not connected with your Agent.

We created WeMatch to connect all the Matrimonial Agents in India on one platform, so every Matrimonial Agent has access to your profile and is able to provide the best matches to you, instantly.

Premium, Assisted-Service, Gold, Platinum, etc., these are some words you will see in the Matrimonial Industry. WeMatch has one membership for everyone. We wanted to create a simple platform to provide an honest service.

You may register through your nearest WeMatch Matrimonial Agent and your profile will be assisted by all of our Matrimonial Agents. Once your profile is registered, you may call your Matrimonial Agent or schedule a visit and discuss suitable profiles. Your Matrimonial Agent shall furnish your profile with Unlimited Matches, subject to availability of profiles. If you did not receive matching profiles for you, please do get in touch with us through our Customer Service page, and we will assist you with an extended timeline.

We realized that some clients don't have the time to engage through a Matrimonial Agent. If so, you may register directly and still enjoy the full privilege of being assisted by all of our Matrimonial Agents. Register Profile